To the moon and back!

When NASA flew the Apollo Missions to the moon (1969-1972) to land on the surface, take measurements, and collect samples of lunar rock and soil (among other tasks), it dedicated a portion of the returned samples to education. Since then, school and college educators have been able to borrow sets of lunar samples to use in classrooms and displays. It’s a rather astounding experience to hold a piece of the moon (encased in plexiglass for safety) in your hand! And for the next 2 weeks we have the opportunity at Shoreline.

Geologist and astronomy teacher Linda Khandro has a set of lunar samples (along with a set of meteorite samples) to share with the Science Club, and other interested students, faculty, and staff for the next two weeks. They will be set up in Room 2903, Wednesdays and Fridays, with microscopes and hand lenses, from 2:30-4:30 pm. There is no need to reserve a time to view the samples, just come on by!

(The samples will not be available after Nov.14 and are available for viewing by members of the science club only on Nov. 6)

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