The penny war continues!

Humanity can be found in the midst of a Penny War. Penny Wars provides a friendly competition at the workplace while raising funds for a good cause.  Penny Wars also brings departments together, especially to strategize how to maximize points and how to spoil the progress of other departments. This Penny War will continue throughout the month of November, Prostate Cancer Research Awareness Month.

I would like to thank these offices for their efforts to raise funds to help support Prostate Cancer Research: Humanities, International Education, President’s Office, Public Information Office, and the Student Leadership Center & the Center for Equity and Engagement.  If you would like to join in on friendly penny skirmishes, you must follow the Penny War rules:      

  1. Departments must provide a large jar or jug.
  2. Jar must be visible for all to contribute.
  3. Each department must fill their jar with pennies, and other department jars with non-penny US mint money.
  4. Departments must inform the Penny War organizer of the jars location.
  5. US mint bills, nickels, dimes, quarters, 50 cent, $1 coins are accepted too
  6. Money equates to points:

(Penny = +1 point (plus points), Nickel = -5 points (minus points), Dime = -10 points (minus points), Quarter = -25 points (minus points), Fifty Cent = -50 points (minus points), Bills = -100 (Dollar Bill), -500 (5 Dollar Bill), -1000 (10 Dollar Bill), etc. (minus points))

A group would put pennies into their own jar and everything else into other teams jars!

Even if your department does not have a Penny War jar, you can participate by establishing alliances with those departments that are engaged in Penny War scuffles.  Remember, this is, first and foremost a fundraising that has a friendly competition element.  Please conduct yourself respectfully and ethically.

And finally, the current warring jars can be found in:

  • Humanities, 5327 & 5390
  • International Education, 9303
  • President’s Office, 1018
  • Public Information Office, 1009
  • Student Leadership & the Center for Equity and Engagement, 9301

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