Valuables keep “walking” away

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We all know movies aren’t really real (seriously, who gets hit in the head with an iron while robbing a house with an 11-year-old in it…) but that doesn’t mean crime isn’t. While we all hope that theft won’t be a problem, there seems to be a trend of more of it happening on campus lately.

Sure, it might seem like an Ocean’s 11-esque heist to steal those iPod headphones, but let’s be real. Not only is that gross (they were in someone’s wax filled ear!) but those headphones cost money and the person they were stolen from is now paying twice to be able to replace them.

So please help us out and watch your stuff. Only YOU are responsible for your possessions so keep them close and keep an eye on them. And if you see something suspicious, say something. Call campus safety and security at (206)546-4633 or 235-5860.

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