RECAP 4TH Parliament Meeting


We are heading into the final stretch of FALL Quarter 2013! Say cheers to the Winter Break!

On behalf of Student Body Association, I would like to inform you just a brief recap from our 4th Parliament Meeting, which was held on Monday, November 18th. Firstly, from unfinished business, we agreed on 1 new club and for the new business we agreed 2 mini-grants. We also had the report from the Talent Show 2013 and Fall Legislative Academy.

You can read more in depth about the discussions, minutes and agenda from previous Student Parliament meetings:

However, to see student government live and in action, don’t miss our 5th SBA Parliament Meeting for FALL Quarter 2013 which will be held on Monday, December 2nd 2013. The location is in the PUB Quiet Dining Room 9208 from 3-5pm!

Students can submit can submit an agenda item such as mini grants, discussion questions or concerns, etc. to our parliament meetings:

Follow us on the SBA Facebook Page: ShorelineSBA or at our SBA Website.


Cindy Tanartah

SBA Minister of Communications

Student Body Association | SLC (RM 9301)

Parliament 2013.11.18

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