Job Seekers Roundtable: How to Make New Contacts Without the Pressure of Networking

Join us this Friday, April 17 in the FOSS (5000) bldg., room 5116 from 1-2:30 p.m. for a Job Seekers’ Rountable exploring how to make new contacts without networking.

Various tests abound on the internet that can place us into extrovert/introvert-based categories. Maybe you’ve taken a Myers Briggs or one of the many others.

Some of us are quite social and fun, we just need to be more selective. Others  can chat at a party just fine, but aren’t too big on small talk.

And there are still some of us who get waves of anxiety at the mere thought of networking, which sounds to us like meaningless glad handing, with all involved pretending there are no personal agendas. Some of us don’t want to show for networking events for risk of being rejected, or feeling like we don’t have anything new or interesting to say.

What if you could make connections for volunteering or learning about job opportunities, in person, and without all the “salesy” job search baggage?

This Friday, Ron Carnell will lead the discussion about how to make new contacts without the assumptions or pressures of an agenda. We’ll share resources about how to get connected more casually. All this over the usual great coffee and treats, compliments of Central Market.

See you Friday!

And as always, Good Luck Out There!

April 16th, 2015 by