BIG news from the SCOF committee – Save money on your bus fare!

ORCA cards are now only $100 for Shoreline Community College students
Informed by the Transportation Survey that SCOF did in February 2016 the Shoreline Community College 2015-2016 SCOF committee has decided to lower the cost of the subsidized ORCA card for students to $100 from $125.

As affordable transportation is a major focus of the committee and of great interest to students, the committee is also pursuing other possibilities for students, including working with the Transit Riders Union to petition King County Metro to offer a reduced fare to all community college students. (Think that’s a good idea? Sign the petition here!)

In the short term, SCOF is also working with the Transit Riders Union to make it easier for students who qualify to transfer the ORCA card to ORCA LIFT, an income-based reduced fare card.

How can you sign up for your subsidized ORCA card?
Head to the Cashier’s office on the main floor of the FOSS (5000) building and purchase your $200 ORCA pass for only $100! (Be sure to bring your current Shoreline Community College ID with you.)

How can you save even more $ on ORCA by signing up for ORCA LIFT?
*After purchasing your ORCA card from the Cashier’s office, head to the PUB lobby Mon., June 20 and Wed., June 22 from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. where a representative from Orca-to-Go will be on campus to see if you qualify for a low-income rider fare called ORCA LIFT. If you qualify, the Orca-to-Go rep will be able to transfer the money from your Shoreline-issued ORCA card to the LIFT card right then and there, on-site! (Bring your photo ID and your EBT card, Provider One card, DSHS award letter, unemployment award letter, or two recent pay stubs as proof of qualification.)

*Even if you are not buying an ORCA pass from the Shoreline Cashier’s office, it is worth signing up for ORCA LIFT to get a 50% discount on your King County bus rides. Low-income students who can provide an EBT (food stamp) card, Provider One card, unemployment letter, two recent pay stubs or other proof of your income can sign up for ORCA LIFT in the PUB and get a new ORCA card that you can load with money later!

When you combine ORCA LIFT with your student subsidized ORCA card, the savings add up!

So, to recap:

Step 1: Head to the Cashier’s office and get your ORCA card at a steep discount.

Step 2: Swing by the PUB lobby June 20 & 22 from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. to see if you qualify for even more savings with ORCA LIFT.

Step 3: Sign the petition here to get King County Metro to offer a reduced fare to all community college students.

Step 4: Ride transit with ease and a bit more coin in your pocket.

June 16th, 2016 by