Now in the art gallery – STAGES: an exhibition staged to be photographed by Caroline Kapp

Statement by the artist, Caroline Kapp…

“I am photographer who draws a lot.

When I visited the SCC Art Gallery for the first time, I saw the panel gallery walls as something other than empty space on which to hang a picture. I saw rectangular containers that mimic how I sketch and develop ideas.

The title concept of “STAGES” refers to what you see in the physical exhibit: one stage of my photographic process, exhibited as wall-based installations. Each panel has been staged with subject matter to be captured in-camera as a photograph.

As an interactive component of this show, I welcome viewers to view the finished photographs resulting from these staged panels, viewable online starting January 11th. Scanning the QR codes with any smartphone reader app will take you to the finished photo and allow you to compare to the transformation from the physical exhibit “stage” you see in the gallery.”

January 9th, 2017 by