Dialogue About Africa, Fri., May 8

africaPlease attend a “Dialogue About Africa” on Friday, May 8th, at 11:30 am in the PUB Quiet Dining Room, Shoreline Community College.

This dialogue mainly focuses on talking about the current tragedies that have been happening in Africa.

The goal of this dialogue is to give African students a chance to share their feelings about these ongoing tragedies in their home countries and to talk about how to cope with them. It also aims to spread awareness to the community about the tragedies and is open to ideas that may suggest possible ways that let the students contribute what they can to help those who have been directly impacted by the tragedies.

During the dialogue, people may choose to share their feelings about the tragedies in writing.

For the dialogue, the students will be Joined by staff and faculty including Prof. DuValle Daniel, Dr. Ernest Johnson, Rezina Habtemariam and Jamie Ardena.

The dialogue is open to all students and anyone who wants to learn or share their reaction or any idea they may hold about the tragedies and ongoing problems facing many countries in Africa.

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