You’re invited to talk about climate change with Michael Foster of

The campus community is invited to attend a two-day lecture by Michael Foster of, one of the major organizations fighting against global warming. Michael will be speaking to two English 101 classes on Monday and Tuesday, May 9 and 10, at 7:30 am and 8:30 am in Room 1727. All students are welcome – you do not need to be enrolled in these classes to attend.

Please RSVP to Nancy Eichner at if you plan to attend so that we can ensure the space is big enough to accommodate everyone.

A little about Michael Foster: He has an excellent Power Point presentation and connects well with students. He is a clinical psychologist by trade, but has devoted himself to the anti-global warming struggle for several years. One of his major accomplishments has been to establish and direct the local Plant for the Planet group, an international organization begun a few years ago by a nine-year-old from Germany. Michael has been trained in presenting to groups about climate change by Al Gore’s foundation.

The first day of Michael’s presentation will be about the climate change situation—a survey of global warming causes and effects. The second day focuses on solutions.

We hope to see you May 9 and 10 – please remember to rsvp to if you can make it! 

April 13th, 2016 by