Battle Royale 2016: An exciting free game event for all Shoreline Students (with cool prizes)!

battle royale poster
Shoreline Community College’s Adventure Builders Club presents an exciting and fulfilling game for all Shoreline students to participate in this spring quarter – Battle Royale!

Battle Royale is a campus-wide event that takes place during one whole week – April 25-29, 2016. The objective of the game is simple: Eliminate as many targets as you can in that span of time. This week-long game will definitely keep your adrenaline pumping while being on the lookout for whoever’s after you! Don’t worry about class disruptions or not having time to relax, because our rules include off-limit locations and red zones, where you can take breaks. Based on our previous experience in handling this event, a fun time is guaranteed for our participants!

Some awesome prizes will also be given to the highest-scoring players. We have prepared a prize pool up to $150! Registration is FREE and is open from February 29 until April 20. Register here and check out our Facebook page for more information.

Get ready to be tactical, smart, and a little bit sneaky!

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