Counseling Services Are Here to Help Students and Our Campus Community

Students: We would like to share information about how Counseling Services can help you and our campus community.

Shoreline Community College Counseling Services
Counseling Services provides free, confidential and professional counseling services, resources, and referral to support the academic and personal success, health, and well-being of our students and campus community. Bottom line…we are here to help!

More about what Counseling Services offers students and our campus community…

Personal Counseling – Are you dealing with personal concerns that may impact your success? Counselors are trained to be supportive, relate to others and are sensitive to each student’s background and life experience. Counseling can offer a student an ear to listen without judgement, help students learn how to address concerns and how to cope, manage and thrive. Call x4559 to speak with a counselor!

Career Counseling – Are you undecided about your major or questioning if you chose the “right major?” We help students to develop a better understanding of themselves, learn about career and academic research tools, and develop a method for informed decision making.

Academic / Educational Success Counseling – Having difficulty in your classes or navigating the college system? Our counselors can help students develop skills and strategies for success. Call x4559 to speak with a counselor!

Resources and Referral – Need help with day-to-day or long-term needs? Students are welcome to visit our office or our website for information on a variety of topics or ask our staff for assistance to connect with resources to meet their needs.

Learn more at Counseling Services!
FOSS – Room 5229  |  206.546.4559

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