Important dates to know for summer quarter 2016

Have a productive and informative quarter! To ensure success, please keep these dates in mind as you begin summer quarter 2016:

June 22: Automative waitlists are turned off.
June 23: Last day for a 100% refund and the last day to make changes to schedules online.
June 24-28: The instructor’s signature is required to add a class.
June 29: $15 add/drop fee begins.
June 29 – July 21: Drops show on your record as “W.”
June 29 – July 7: The signatures of both the instructor and the Dean are required to add a class.
July 1: Last day for a 50% refund.
July 7: Last day to add a class.
July 14: Last day to submit pass option forms.
July 15: Application for graduation due.
July 21: Last day “W” grade is issued and last day to change to/from audit status.
August 11: Last day of classes and final exams begin.
August 17: Grades become available.

June 20th, 2016 by