Mark Your Calendar: Master Class in Performance with Robert Caldwell, Fri., Oct. 23

Slide1Join the music department this Fri., Oct. 23 for a Master Class in Performance with guest speaker Robert Caldwell from 12:30-3 p.m. in the Music Building, room 818. Free and open to the entire campus community and public.

Caldwell will talk about what it takes to be a performer.

Stage presence, charisma, excitement, connection — A lit-up stage—we all know it when we
experience it in live performances. But how do we get there? How do we move beyond our technical and interpretive skills and captivate an audience? Do magical performances happen to only “born performers”?

What if “born performers” have simply happened to put together their internal worlds in a way that anyone can learn? In other words, what if such intangibles as stage presence were a matter of skill? Come explore the question of what it means to be an artist on stage, of how to integrate technical and interpretive skills into a higher level of performance.

Come to learn platform skills, skills to find your way to brilliance on stage, and even those internal skills common to performers rarely discussed. Come to heighten your passion for your art.

Mr. Caldwell, will work with four Shoreline Community College students. Please join us in this wonderful opportunity offered through the Shoreline Community College Music department.

Robert Caldwell

Robert is a writer, composer, musician, artist, designer, programmer, filmmaker, animator, teacher, public speaker, businessman, performance coach, and consultant. Over a twenty-year period, he wrote, directed, and produced 14 films and wrote many books, all still in circulation, for musicians, speech and hearing scientists and neuroscientists.

His story begins at the age of 17. His travels, education and experiences led him to wonder why some people light up an audience while others don’t, given that they might play the same music at high levels of competence. He wanted to understand the underlying fundamentals of lighting up a heart and mind, and why such a thing as performances exist at all in our species. Following this quest, which led him through all facets of human expression—music, literature, art, architecture, design, computer programming, for instance—combined with his keen interest in both art and science, especially, neuroscience, he wrote his first book on performance at age twenty-seven. He has continued to actively develop these ideas into a pragmatic philosophy and collection of techniques, coaching performers of all levels, from beginners to international stars.

His works include:
Diction for Singers; The Performer Prepares; The Singer’s Voice: Breath, Vocal Folds, Vocal Tract, Resonance, and The Human Voice animation/visualization film series; Singers’ Edition, Guide to Operatic Roles and Arias Light Lyric Soprano and Soubrette, and Guide to Operatic Duets; The five volumes of Excellence in Singing: Beginning the Process, Mastering the Fundamentals, Advancing the Technique, Becoming an Artist, and Managing Vocal HealthHuman Speech Science: Acoustics, Articulation, and The Source-Filter Theory, and Through a Portal to the Mind.


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