Significant changes to late enrollment policy at Shoreline

Late registration has been proven to have a negative impact on a student’s ability to be successful in a course. Because Shoreline Community College is committed to student success, the College is making a significant change to the timeline for adding classes after the quarter begins. Beginning Fall Quarter 2017, students may add classes through the first five instructional days of the quarter only.

Fall 2017 dates:
Wednesday, September 27 – First day of classes
Tuesday, October 3 – Last day to add classes, last day to register online
Tuesday, October 10 – Last day for late enrollment, Petition for Late Enrollment required

Adding a class during the second week of the quarter is now considered “late enrollment.”* Late enrollment will be permitted only in rare and unusual circumstances. Requests will require a Petition for Late Enrollment form be submitted to the instructor, and will be allowed only by special permission from the course instructor and the division dean. The deadline for late enrollment will be the last day of the second week of the quarter. For Fall Quarter 2017, the last late enrollment date will be Tuesday, October 10.

*Exceptions to the quarterly late-enrollment timeline will include:

  • Enrollment into late starting and continuous enrollment courses
  • Section changes (with instructor approval)
  • Re-registration after drop for non-payment (with instructor approval)
  • Registration using the state employee or senior citizen tuition waiver (with instructor approval). 

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