Spring Quarter Music Honors Recital, Thurs., April 9

HonorsEmblem-Spring2015Join us Thurs., April 9 at 7:30 p.m. in the Shoreline Community College Theater for our Spring Quarter 2015 Honors Recital. Admission is free.

The participants in the Honors Recital were chosen during the Winter Quarter 2015 Student Jury Awards, in which SCC music students taking individual instruction lessons performed before a jury of music faculty to have their musical progress examined and critiqued. Six students received an Outstanding Jury Award designation: David Harris – Piano, Brandon Kiss – Piano, Daniel Siller – Vocals, Kerry Weinrich – Flute, CorriLynn Woods – Vocals, Yan Yunzhi – Piano. Three students received a Dictum Honorable Award designation: Heather Acord – Vocals, Jason Pai – Guitar, Carissa Yip Sin – Piano.

Come celebrate these accomplished Shoreline students with a night of free music!

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