Statement on campus closure procedures

Now that we are heading into winter and the season of possible inclement weather, please take a minute to read below about what to expect in the case of a campus closure. There are two types of closures: Campus is Closed and Classes are Cancelled.

Campus is closed. This message applies to when our physical campus is closed. The most common reason is weather (snow), but it could be for some other reason, like a fire. For our on-campus students, this means that on-campus class meetings will not be taking place. However, because most of our classes have Canvas classrooms, there is the possibility that alternate assignments can be given. Please refer to each individual class syllabus, in which faculty should have included a written statement letting students know what to do when the campus is closed. If you cannot find a written statement, please ask your professor what their expectations for assignments are in the case of a campus closure.

Classes are Cancelled. This message means that the college is canceling all classes, both face-to-face and online. No assignments will be due and no new assignments will be created during this period. Classes might be cancelled because of situations such as wide-spread power outages or wide-spread technology failure.

December 1st, 2015 by