Step by Step: Planning for Your AA-DTA Transfer Degree, Wed., Nov. 18

plan into action
Join us for an informational sesssion: “Step by Step: Planning for Your AA-DTA Transfer Degree” at 12:30 p.m. in room 1301 on Wed., Nov. 18.

It is recommended that Shoreline students have an educational plan on file. An educational plan is like a roadmap for how to complete the degree requirements found in the program planning guides. In this session, students who intend to complete a transfer degree will learn:

•Where to locate planning guides
•The degree requirements for the program of study
•The importance of taking math and English early
•How previous coursework could be used
•To consider other life commitments like finances, work and family
•Specific course recommendations for four-year colleges
•Why to review a completed educational plan often

If you cannot attend this session, you can also make an appointment with an advisor.

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