Help others while keeping your skills sharp by becoming a tutor!

Tutoring Services is always hiring new tutors and encourages YOU to consider applying to become a tutor!

In addition to drop-in learning centers for biology and chemistry, BUSTC and eLearning, accounting and economics, physics, and conversation groups, Tutoring Services offers one-on-one tutoring for students who need regular, weekly help in any of their SCC courses.

We get requests for help in any SCC subjects, so we are interested in hiring tutors with subject comfort and a 3.5 grade (or faculty recommendation) in a wide variety of areas. Currently, we have extra need for Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Business, Business Technology, Nursing, ESL, Music Technology, Computer Science, Math (especially Statistics) and many more courses.

Interested applicants can apply online or in-person in the Tutoring Services office (4228).

Tutoring is a paid position, with rates at minimum wage or higher depending on degree(s) earned.

We’re looking forward to your application soon!

November 17th, 2016 by