Understanding Test Anxiety workshop, Wed., Jan. 27

Understanding Test Anxiety: Wed., Jan. 27 from 12:30-1:30 p.m. in PUB 9102.

Does the following sound like you?

You’ve participated in class, done all of your homework, studied hard, and you think you have a grip on the material. But then the day of the test comes. Suddenly, you blank out, freeze up, zone out, or feel so nervous that you can’t get it together to respond to those questions you knew the answers to just last night.

If this sounds like you, you may have a case of test anxiety — that nervous feeling that people sometimes get when they’re about to take a test.

It’s pretty normal to feel a little nervous and stressed before a test. Just about everyone does. And a touch of nervous anticipation can actually help you keep you at peak performance while you’re taking the test. But for some people, this normal anxiety is more intense. The nervousness they feel before a test can be so strong that it interferes with their concentration or performance.

Learn more about test anxiety and walk away with a few tips to help reduce anxiety and do your best on that next test or exam!

Workshop is open to all and no RSVP needed.

Questions about the workshop?

Contact Sheryl Copeland at scopeland@shoreline.edu or 206.533.6712.

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