Want an on-campus job helping others and practicing your skills? Apply to become a tutor today!

Tutoring Services is hiring!

Please consider a job supporting others while sharing your knowledge and apply to become a tutor!

To qualify for an interview, you should:

  • have at least a 3.5 or an instructor recommendation (forms available) in the courses to be tutored and a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above.
  • have a strong desire to help others learn with professionalism and patience!
  • carefully fill out our application, including brief but thoughtful responses to the two questions at the end.

We do our best to provide tutors to students in ANY course offered at Shoreline Community College, from accounting to visual communications technology, so we are interested in tutors across the curriculum. Most recently, we have struggled to meet the student demand in areas such as business technology, geography, nursing, statistics, and a wide variety of 200-level STEM courses.  Following graduation, we will also be looking for new tutors in a wide sweep of courses, from accounting to physics, Japanese to nutrition, computer science to communication studies, and much more.

Tutoring Services welcomes and encourages both domestic and international student applicants as well as qualified non-students, and we strive to employ tutors who represent the diversity of SCC’s student population. There is a hiring process for all applicants, which can take time as it moves from the initial application, to an interview, to paperwork, to HR processing and activation. Qualified domestic students who are interviewed and offered a position might start three or more weeks from their date of application. Given the month+ timeline for acquiring a social security card through completing new hire paperwork, qualified international students often have a longer wait to start actively tutoring. Because of the time this hiring process takes, we are particularly interested in those who will be able to tutor more than one quarter, but we consider all qualified applicants.

Thank you for considering joining the Tutoring Services team!

June 19th, 2017 by