Add Your Voice to the White House’s #ReachHigher Campaign

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In advance of President Obama’s Commencement address at Lake Area Technical Institute in South Dakota on Friday, the White House is running a campaign to create a
 conversation about his free community college for all initiative. To add your voice to the conversation, head to the White House page here and give them your story about how you personally #ReachHigher and what influences in your life made your education possible.

We’ll also be running around campus Thurs., May 7 collecting stories for our own social media campaign. So if we catch you at the PUB or between classes, please stop and talk to us about what makes college so important to you. If we don’t cross paths with you, head to Twitter and follow us at @shorelinecc and also follow the hashtags #CommunityCollege and #CollegeOpportunity and contribute to the dialogue about how college should be available to all.

Why do we care what the White House is doing? Well, we at Shoreline have our own free college movement right here in our own community called Shoreline Scholars. It’s how we are trying to #closethegap. But it’s going to take more than us – it’s also going to take you! So raise your voice and let the White House know that you support the #ReachHigher and #CollegeOpportunity campaigns by telling your story.

May 6th, 2015 by