Call for Recyclables for Earth Week

earth weekWe need your clean recyclables!

Next week’s Earth Week activity “Making recycled art” will run all week long and encourage participants to make art out of recyclables. To make this event a success, we’re asking you to help us collect enough “art supplies” by donating your clean recyclables to be turned into someone else’s masterpiece. You can help all this week and next, by bringing your clean recyclables from home to the PUB 1st Floor, Room 9102. There should be a bin set up inside that room to collect the recyclables – if the bin is full, please tuck them in the back corner fairly out of the way.

We need CLEAN plastics, bottles, jars, cardboard, etc. – anything recyclable will do.

Thank you for helping make this event a success!

The Earth Week Committee

April 15th, 2015 by