Harassment report prompts call for caution

A report of harassment has prompted Shoreline Community College officials to urge caution when students consider using non-college services that are posted on campus.

The alert comes after a report was filed with the campus Safety and Security office by a female student in relation to private, off-campus tutoring services. During winter quarter, according to the report, the student responded to a flyer offering writing help. After making an appointment, the student met a man at a Shoreline-area coffee shop regarding the tutoring service. The two didn’t meet again, according to the report, but subsequent e-mail messages became increasingly sexually inappropriate.

“This is very serious,” said Director of Safety and Security Robin Blacksmith. “Our security officer asked the student if she wanted us to call Shoreline Police to campus to speak with her. The student indicated she would go to police on her own.”

Dean of Students Kim Thompson said that while there is a review and approval process for posting flyers and other information on campus bulletin boards, students should always verify that what is posted is college-approved and report postings that aren’t stamped as approved.

Thompson said that a check of campus bulletin boards did not find any of the flyers related to this incident. She said the college is reviewing the flyer approval process.

“Our goal is to make this campus a safe place for students, employees and the community. We’re thankful that this student came forward so that this incident can be addressed,” Thompson said. “We have the Shoreline Threat Assessment Team (STAT) in place to help respond to incidents like this and others. We are committed to maintaining a safe environment for all.”

Anyone with a similar experience or concern may contact:

  • Stephen Smith, Vice President for Human Resources & Legal Affairs
  • Kim Thompson, Dean of Student Affairs
  • Yvonne Terrell-Powell, Director, Counseling Services
  • Robin Blacksmith, Director of Safety and Security
  • Mariko Kakiuchi, Assistant Director, Career Education Options


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