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At the end of Fri., Jun 10, the 4200 and 4300 floors of the Ray W. Howard Library, aka 4000 Building, will be closed to patrons until September.

The Library will relocate its service desk to the PUB room 9203 for Summer 2016 quarter, where our hours will be 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Thursday while classes are in session. We will have course reserves (print and media) on-site, and limited ability to page items out of the 4000 Building. The desk will be staffed by at least one circulation expert and one reference librarian at all times. We are always available via Ask A Librarian, our reference chat service, and we’ll take your questions from voice mail and email as quickly as can be.

During renovation, Tutoring Services will be operating primarily in room 1103. Below is the list of temporary venues where students can find the help they need from all of us:

Tutoring Services: 1103
Library service desk: 9203, the PUB Fishbowl
Math Learning Center: 2202
The Writing and Learning Studio: 1504

A college service often associated with the Library is the production and maintenance of Shoreline Community College ID cards. Beginning June 13, those duties will be transferred to the Bookstore, located on the bottom floor of the PUB (9000 building). For students, a copy of their current class schedule and evidence of photo identification (passport, drivers license, etc.) remain the standards for obtaining a new ID card, updating a current one, or replacing a lost one.

Put the Library to work for understanding the world of information, this summer and on into the future!

Have a great Summer 2016 –
Chris Matz
Director, Ray W Howard Library

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May 3rd, 2016 by pio@shoreline.edu

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 11.45.53 AM
Showcase your school spirit and pride this Spirit Day by taking advantage of the fact that faculty, staff, and students get 20% off all Phin gear from the Bookstore on the first Wednesday of every month. Head to the Bookstore and get 20% off all Dolphin gear – Wed., May 4!

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December 9th, 2015 by pio@shoreline.edu

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 3.08.49 PM
Winter quarter textbooks can now be ordered through the University Bookstore! For more details on Shoreline’s partnership with the University of Washington Bookstore see an earlier post “University Book Store textbook service about to start.” And, as always, visit Shoreline’s still fabulous bookstore page to see hour of operation, special notices and other helpful information.

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December 1st, 2015 by pio@shoreline.edu

1st wednesday
Take advantage of the Spirit Day discount and get 20% off on all Phin gear in the Bookstore on Wed., Dec. 2.

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November 20th, 2015 by pio@shoreline.edu

A page is about to turn for the Shoreline Community College bookstore.

Earlier this year, Shoreline signed an agreement with University Book Store to handle textbook services for the college. The move allows the college to accommodate the buying habits of students and maintain an on-campus bookstore. The on-campus store will continue to provide the unique and specific items Shoreline students need, while students will gain the expertise and service of University Book Store.

U Book Store logoFor Winter Quarter 2016, students can have their textbook orders filled by University Book Store. Students will be able to either purchase books online at www.shoreline.edu/bookstore, going to www.bookstore.washington.edu or shopping at the main University Book Store location in Seattle’s U District. The services will be available in early December.

Students may choose to have orders delivered at home, to any of the seven University Book Store locations or to Shoreline’s bookstore for a limited time at the beginning of each quarter. Free next-day delivery to the Shoreline bookstore will be available for purchases made before 4 p.m. the day prior. Shoreline will have its own branded presence at University Book Store, both online and in the retail store located in Seattle’s U District.

Shoreline staff will be available at the campus bookstore in the PUB (9000 Building) to answer questions and help order textbooks. University Book Store ordering kiosks will also be available at the Shoreline bookstore.

The agreement won’t impact the number of employees at the Shoreline bookstore. Shoreline will still stock custom printed materials ordered by faculty, plus all the specific supplies that are required for classes and programs.

The trend toward online textbook sales, escalating prices and evolving methods of course material delivery all influenced Shoreline’s decision. College officials said textbook sales have declined in recent years as more students went to online sources. In response, Shoreline’s bookstore began stocking a number of other items such as snack foods and expanded offerings of general, gift and logo merchandise.

The shift in buying habits is impacting many colleges. The Seattle College District, Edmonds Community College and Everett Community College are leasing the operation of their bookstores to Barnes & Noble. Other educational institutions utilizing University Book Store services include all five of the UW campuses, Cascadia College, Digipen Institute of Technology, Cornish College of the Arts and City University as well as 13 private high schools in the Seattle area.

University Book Store started in 1900 as a student-run business at the University of Washington and is now a corporate trust governed by an eleven-member board of trustees consisting of UW students, faculty and staff.

Shoreline’s arrangement with University Book Store will give Shoreline students access to:

  • Online price textbook comparison and ordering tool
  • Online ordering
  • University Book Store kiosks in the Shoreline bookstore
  • Multiple delivery options, including on-campus or at University Book Store locations
  • Multiple format options
  • Increased inventory
  • Year-round textbook buyback
  • On-campus buyback each quarter


How do I find a complete list of my required textbooks?

Once the service is available in early December, this site will also be available through www.shoreline.edu/bookstore and  www.bookstore.washington.edu. Select the appropriate quarter and fill in any of the search fields. All titles that are available online are also available in the store, so if a book is listed as “currently unavailable,” then it is not yet in stock.  Please continue to check back as required textbooks may be added at a later date.

Can I order my books online and pick them up at the Shoreline Campus Bookstore?

Yes.  Purchase textbooks online before 4 p.m. for free next day delivery to the Shoreline campus bookstore for a limited time; staff will be available in the campus bookstore in the lower level of the PUB (room 9114) to answer questions and help order textbooks.  Textbook pickup will be available at the bookstore information desk (9114).  Personal ID is required.

Can I return my textbooks?

Yes, with a receipt. The last day to return your textbooks will be listed on your receipt. New books must be in new condition (no water damage, highlighting, dog-eared pages, etc.). Pre-packaged course supply kits and books that are accompanied by software must be un-opened. Your University Book Store sales receipt is always required.

Does University Book Store buy used textbooks?

Yes. We buy textbooks at the University District store year round based on national market value.  Current school ID required. However, during quarter finals, textbooks that will be used in the upcoming quarter will be bought back for up to 50 percent of the new book price, unless one of the following events occurs:

  • The instructor has not requested the book for the next semester. (Textbooks that will not be used in the upcoming semester will be bought back at market value.)
  • We have already bought back as many copies of the book as we need.
  • There is a more recent edition available.
  • The book has no national market demand.
  • The book is not in resalable condition.

You do not need your receipt to sell back your books; however, you do need your personal ID.

What shipping options do I have?

Orders will be filled from stock on hand. If you request to receive used copies when none are available, we will substitute it with a new copy or delete the title from your order (please select your preference during checkout). In either case, we will ship all items in your order together.

Processing time to shipping for titles in stock is currently 1–3 days. For titles that are not readily available, will we contact you via email with revised information on the availability of your selection(s).

For details and information please contact the Textbooks Online Order Department at 1-800-335-7323 (or 206-634-3400 in the Seattle area), extension 333.

How do I check the status of my order?

Contact the University Book Store’s textbook department toll free at 1-800-335-7323 for information about your textbook order.

Other Important Information

  • Save your receipt. It is required for returns.
  • Preference for USED or NEW textbooks will be followed depending on availability.
  • Course Packs, Class Notes, CDs and Software, Lab Manuals, and Workbooks are available only as NEW.

If you cannot find a course or section, the instructor has not submitted an order to University Book Store.

Textbook Refund Policy & Deadlines

Full refunds are available for seven (7) days from the start of classes.  Refund deadlines are the last days for students to return textbooks in their original condition with receipt for a full refund. Textbooks cannot be returned after a class has ended.

Receipts are required for all refunds. Textbooks must be in original condition for a full refund.

If you drop/withdraw from a class you can return your book within 14 days after the start of classes (full term courses only). A proof of drop/withdrawal is required at the time of return. This excludes rented textbooks.

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November 3rd, 2015 by pio@shoreline.edu

Students! This Spirit Day (Wed., Nov. 4) get 20% off all Phin gear in the bookstore! What a perfect way to show your school spirit without breaking the bank!
Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 11.45.53 AM

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June 29th, 2015 by pio@shoreline.edu

mississippi mud
Come out of the heatwave and in to the Bookstore where it is cool and get refreshed with ice cream!  We have a large assortment of Blue Bunny ice cream flavors including ice cream sandwiches, Strawberry Shortcake and the new Mississippi Mud. Yum yum!

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June 9th, 2015 by pio@shoreline.edu


The end of Spring Quarter Textbook Buyback is June 10-12 at the Bookstore, located in the lower level of the PUB. The Bookstore is paying up to 50% of the retail price for textbooks being used again on campus! Check it out before selling your textbooks anywhere else!

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