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For the Library and 4102 Student Computer Lab, in order to print documents, you need to have a Student ID Card. You may get your 1st one free in the Library. If you lose it, there is a charge for a replacement.

As a student you need to add funds to this SID Card. There are “Value Add Stations” that accept $1, and other bills – just be aware that these machines do not give change back. Also they do not accept debit, credit cards or change.

On our computers, when you go to print, please make sure the appropriate printer is chosen. (Library and 4102 lab are different.)

When you click print, a dialog box appears. Please put your name in the box (no real need for a password) as this is how you will find your print job when you walk over to our printers.

Once you send a print job to the print queue, you walk to the printer, swipe your SID Card, put in your password, find your document by the name you typed in and click print. This also deducts the 4 cents per black and white page and gives you your balance at the bottom of the screen.

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Starting this Fall 2015, the fee for black and white printing is now 4 cents per page. The small fee increase was OK’d by the Shoreline Community College Student Government and applies to all student printing campus-wide but does not affect color printing, which is still at 50 cents per page.

For help understanding how to go about using the printing services on campus, the folks in the library and in the student computer lab are happy to help!

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